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Private collection of various tours ready for download in GPX format. Use my free-of-charge online route planner to generate your own routes.

In order to find published tours in a particular area please, use the interactive map. All routes and waypoints may be copied, edited, downloaded, or directly transferred to a connected Garmin device.

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Holiday trip to the island of Corfu im summer 2003 … [more]

Lahn bicycle track

Bicycle tour from Limburg to Bad-Ems in summer 2006 … [more]

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Bicycle tour in the Eifel area along a closed railroad from Mayen to the river Mosel. The track passes the medieval castle Elz. The tour length is about 30 km… [more]

Radurlaub am Bodensee

In Bonn regnet es. Ur­laubs­stim­mung will nicht so recht auf­kom­men. Daher be­schlie­ßen wir, drei Tage mit dem Rad am schönen Bo­den­see zu ver­brin­gen… Die Tour­länge beträgt etwa 55 km… [more]

From Mainz to Bonn

Two-day bicycle tour from Mainz to Bonn along the river Rhine. The tour length is about 120 km… [more]


There is not much to say about this easy tour. You comfortably cycle on the right side of the river Rhine towards Cologne. The only obstacle is the industrial harbor near Wesseling which has to be driven around. The tour has a length of about 41 km… [more]


Bicycle tour from Bonn via Bad-Godesberg, through the beautiful "Kottenforst" and "Venusberg" back to the city of Bonn. The tour lenght is about 36 km… [more]


The tour start in Bonn, leads through the "Kottenforst" and several small villages and ends at the banks of the river Rhine in Remagen. At this point you can either take the ship back to Bonn or cycle back along the Rhine. The tour is not too difficult. It has a lenght of about 42 km (one way)… [more]

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Radtour auf der linken Rheinseite von der Bonner Südbrücke bis zur kleinen Fähre vor dem Industriegebiet in Köln Wesseling. Nach dem Übersetzen auf der 'Schäl Sick' zurück nach Bonn. Die Tour­länge (Bonn-Wesseling und zurück) beträgt etwa 43 km… [more]


Circuit starting at the river Rhine in Bonn, to the monestry of Heisterbach, to Siegburg. From Siegburg back to Bonn along the river Sieg. The tour length is approximately 40 km… [more]